Reggie Baptiste

Reggie Baptiste

IT Manager

Reggie loves building. Computers, that is. Early on, he realized he had a knack for gadgets. Toying with both parts and ideas, Reggie taught himself, piece by piece. Since then, he has configured many an electronic device, but has also added computer lab design, technology consulting, IT support/implementation and online higher ed technical content development to his list. In Reggie’s words, if you have a vision, he will “make it happen”. He is doing just that for Dreyfuss + Blackford as Technology Specialist, managing client portals for the firm.

Reggie enjoys supporting the A/E industry’s technology information needs and says his favorite part of the job is understanding designer’s motives. What, you say? Yes…it’s true! Reggie loves to figure out how computers and people (ie: you designers) “tick”, unearthing the root issue to solve the problem. If he can crack that code, surely Reggie can master skiing and snowboarding, something he has longed to do since moving to Sacramento. Tahoe (and a Nobel Prize) here he comes!

“Every day I’m grateful for my faith, my family and my future. There is universal message of love and peace that needs to be supported. I do so by working for the greater good. It inspires me.”

IT Management Coursework
University of South Florida, Tampa

Information Systems Coursework
Miami-Dade College