Tabitha Pontino

Tabitha Pontino

Interior Design Professional

As a young girl in Nashville, TN, Tabitha and her mom used to find neighborhoods under construction and walk through the wooden frames of houses. They would pretend they were the designers and decide where each room should go. In her opinion, Tabitha’s mom is the most creative human being on the planet and always had a business that reflected her creativity including upholstery, making curtains, sewing handmade bags, and wedding planning.

On the other hand, Tabitha’s Dad is more of a mathematical genius and works as an electrical engineer. The two share a love for puzzles- any and all kinds. Together her parents inspired her love for space planning and design, which she sees as a creative puzzle!

“My First Job? In-N-Out Burger was my first job. I worked there for four and a half years and I ate a burger every single shift. I’m still not sick of it. “

Bachelor of Arts in Interior Architecture
California State University, Sacramento