Art Consulting at 333 University Avenue, “Drop by Drop” Sculpture

B4013 333 University Avenue, 2016


Jackson Properties, Inc.


Sacramento, California




5,173 Square Feet

University Office Park has a new standout. Dreyfuss + Blackford provided art consultation services for the massive art installation in the renovated lobby of the busy 333 University Avenue office building.

The artwork, “Drop by Drop” by artist Stephanie Taylor, is a suspended sculpture made up of over 5,500 handpainted ceramic 3” tall raindrops filling the rectangular volume of the lobby. Strung on stainless steel cables, each string of glazed clay droplets is supported by a welded steel pencil-rod “cloud.” With the daylight streaming through the skylight, the installation is a remarkable sight.

In combination with the clay pottery droplets, the artist created a continuous flowing curtain of water droplets from under the stair landing. Falling through a metal screen fountain, the metered water lands in a slot recess inside a concrete base filled with black beach pebbles. We provided general aesthetic and spacial design consulting to the artist, and technical design detailing of supporting structures to make this all happen.

Together, the sculpture – inspired by the melting glaciers – with the sound of the fountain’s flowing water add to the overall experience.

Photography by Kat Alves.

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