Fairfield Transportation Center Expansion Parking Structure

B5018 Fairfield Transportation Center Expansion, Parking Structure, 2014


City of Fairfield


Fairfield, California




1,200 Cars


$30 Million

Communities along the I-80 Corridor are bypassed by millions of people in their cars each year. On the south side, where the freeway bends as it passes over West Texas Street, Fairfield will have a 1,200 stall parking structure that will relieve overcapacity demand for parking in the area, increase access to commuter transit opportunities, and will change the way people see their commute. Inside, the structure is designed around pedestrian and vehicle circulation layout that reinforces safety and security.

On the outside, as close as 100 feet from the eastbound traffic of Interstate 80, the Fairfield Transportation Center has a innovative facade that veils the structure and facilitates daylight penetration.

With the freeway facade nearly 600 feet long and 55 feet high, the building will be very visible to travelers. Dreyfuss + Blackford Architecture designed an aluminum fin system with integrated LED lights cladding the entire structure. Eluding to the strong winds that this area is known for, the vertical fins are cut in a form that, when viewed obliquely, appears like a wind-blown curtain or wind-swept water. The integrated LED light display will very slowly scroll through a slide-show of abstract art created by children in the community. All together, the parking structure does much more than store cars, it marks a vibrant community and its emphasis on getting people out of their cars and onto mass transit.

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