Section Architecture Installation at ArtStreet


Sacramento, California



“Section”, a suspended structure designed by Jason A. Silva and Ginger Thompson at Dreyfuss + Blackford, is the centerpiece for Sacramento’s three-week-long ArtStreet event. ArtStreet, an ongoing arts program, takes place in an abandoned 1950’s warehouse at Sacramento’s The Mill at Broadway, a neighborhood south of Downtown Sacramento. The event is a three-week art exhibition by M5ARTS showing over 100 international, national, and local artists’ work.

The sculpture’s columns are fabricated of corrugated cardboard and hung with vinyl-coated aircraft cable suspended from a wood frame constructed within the roof trusses. A surrounding valance, also clad in cardboard, support a stretched fabric ceiling. Light fixtures mounted in the tops of the columns illuminate the upper half of the volume. Contrasting colors will emphasize the horizontal duality of the different sections.

“Section” was built over a four-week period by a team of volunteers and staff of D+B. Thirteen-thousand square feet of cardboard was provided by PackageOne, a Sacramento-based sustainable packaging company specializing in custom box and display design.

Photographs by Art Gray.

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