SHIFT Architecture Pavilion


Wide Open Walls Mural Festival


Sacramento, California




6,400 Square Feet

Made up of over 1,000 individually folded sections of corrugated paper board, SHIFT’s planks are stacked and angled to make narrow entry tunnels opening into a large interior gathering space before spilling out into the exterior courtyard. Internally lit throughout, it provides an exploratory experience, guiding visitors through the 6,400-square-foot pavilion.

SHIFT is about veiled transparency: offering small windows but no whole picture, similar to the artist/viewer relationship during the creation of a mural. The space evokes flow through curved corridors and pauses in eddying ponds of space. Further connecting the pavilion to the mural festival, a spray paint and marker mural was created by Thompson, divided into 600 slices and distributed onto the ends of the individual planks.

SHIFT is the centerpiece for the Wall Ball donor and artist party for Sacramento’s Wide Open Walls Mural Festival, and was open for public tours after the donor event. The pavilion was designed by Jason A. Silva and Ginger S. Thompson of Dreyfuss + Blackford Architecture.

SHIFT Architecture Pavilion was featured in Interior Design Magazine’s June 2018 issue.

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