VOX Architecture Pavilion


TBD Events


West Sacramento, California



The VOX Architecture Pavilion is a temporary installation for the TBD Festival in West Sacramento, California conceived by Jason A. Silva, AIA with the design collaboration of Ginger Thompson and Steven Colasanti. The three previous festival pavilions (PLEATING, BTWN, and .WAV) were constructed of corrugated cardboard. This new structure is bigger, more substantial, and has platforms to elevate people above the Sacramento River levee.

The pavilion is made of shipping containers and stage scaffold systems. Clad over the structure is a pattern of weathered wood boards donated by Stikwood, a local wall finish company.

In high-desert states, wood fences are used extensively along highways. The natural fence boards last 10 years before they are replaced. This material is harvested by Stikwood for their interior wall finish systems, valued for its weathered look. After the festival, the wood will be removed, restacked and returned to Stikwood. This year, like all prior years, 100% of the pavilion material will be re-used maintaining a zero-waste design.

The VOX Architecture Pavilion layout is based on a soundwave form. Complexity is generated through three overlapping waveforms that alternate. Using the modeling software Rhinoceros and Grasshopper, Steven Colasanti created a parametric model able to be sculpted into the final forms. The wave-like form was manipulated to drape over the scaffold system and shipping containers.

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