.WAV Architecture Pavilion


Launch 2013 Events


Sacramento, California




1,600 Square Feet

The .WAV Architecture Pavilion was larger than last year’s BTWN Architecture Pavilion and rises up above the ground to provide shade and varied spaces for people to gather. Seating is part of the pavilion and other special art installations were shown.

Corrugated cardboard has been the material of choice due to its durability, structural strength and ease of fabrication. With the parts adhered solely with ordinary white glue, the design potential is almost unlimited. The material reflects the sustainable and environmental qualities that we hope to achieve in our projects at Dreyfuss + Blackford Architecture, such as material life-cycle. Provided by our sponsor, American River Packaging, the corrugated material starts from recycled sources and when we’re through, it is donated to Sol Collective, where they use it for weed abatement in gardening and for craft projects. Extra material is returned to American River Packaging, where it is shredded and processed through their anaerobic digester. Combined with post-processing food waste, the anaerobic digester converts it to methane gas, which is run through a turbine to create electricity, which in turn, powers the plant that fabricates the cardboard.

.WAV was experienced at Launch 2013. See the pavilion through the lens of Instagram images: #sacdigifab, #launchsacramento

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