Sutter Health SeniorCare PACE Facility Relocation

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    Sutter Health SeniorCare PACE Facility Relocation project via Dreyfuss+Blackford
Sutter Health
Sacramento, California

Sutter SeniorCare PACE (Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly) was designed exclusively for the aging and frail adult community. The focus of the PACE program is to provide high quality care and services to participants, to maintain health and independence, and to prevent premature nursing home placement.

This project merges two existing PACE centers into one comprehensive facility, reducing redundancy, optimizing staff workflow and functionality, and allowing for program growth. The renovated 44,000 SF facility, will provide a large adult day care center, adjacent clinic space (OSHPD 3) and approximately 15,000 SF of medical offices.

The existing building has interior and exterior courtyards, providing calming elements and tranquil outdoor views.  The interior design is inspired by the confluence of the Sacramento and American Rivers, representing the merging of two facilities, as well as patient home life merging with PACE facility life. The overall design incorporates natural and organic influenced materials combined with modern design elements to create a high-end, hospitality-inspired interior environment.