Transformational Design by Extraordinary People

It’s More Than a Job

Working at Dreyfuss + Blackford is more than just a job. We believe work should be challenging, rewarding, and fun. Life is too short for drudgery, let's have some fun!

Our firm encourages new ideas, growth, and leadership by empowering our staff to do their best work. We prioritize investing in others, praise hard work often and genuinely, and share the prioritized workload. We find this mindset results in a team built on trust, loyalty, accountability, and respect.

Open Roles

Seventy Years

This book celebrates seventy years of outstanding design by Dreyfuss + Blackford Architecture. Known for its thorough research, thoughtful approach, and modernist aesthetic, the Northern California firm consistently produces exceptional projects. Ranging from office complexes to university buildings to cultural institutions, the work always focuses on people and their interactions with the designed environment. An exploration of the company’s iconic history, an examination of the architects’ well-considered practices and processes, and examples of noteworthy recent projects make this book both a commemoration of seven decades of noteworthy design and a definition of the future of the firm.

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