Dave Vagg

Dave Vagg

Associate / Senior Project Manager

Throughout his career, Dave has played multiple roles, from Project Manager to Project Architect to Mentor. As a result, Dave has a broad and comprehensive understanding of architecture. This, combined with his excellent communication and coordination skills, enables him to efficiently facilitate all project types and deliver successful results. Recent work with Dreyfuss + Blackford includes ICON Aircraft’s Headquarters and the SMUD Headquarters Renovation and Expansion.

It was a long and winding road with a dose of happenstance that led Dave to this field. His first job out of high school was at a slate mine. From there, Dave went to college and to Vietnam. Upon his return to Northern California, Dave landed a delivery job which in turn landed him in the hospital with a ruptured disc. It was back to college for Dave, where a random architecture course would change his life. So impressed by Mr. Ferris – who could sketch with both hands while lecturing at the same time – Dave decided to pursue architecture as a career. What a journey.

“My favorite part of the job is working with younger people, mentoring them and helping them navigate the industry and build their confidence. I have been there; I know what it’s like and want to share. This teaching aspect of this work is very satisfying.”

Associates of Arts, Architecture
Sierra College

Registered Architect, California