Shawn Barba

Shawn Barba

Marketing Manager

It all started with bedtime stories. Once upon a time, long ago, Shawn’s dad read to her and the words leapt off the pages! This was her storytelling springboard. Her infatuation quickly grew and her method of play followed suit. For example, while other little girls splashed in the pool playing mermaids, Shawn sat on the edge describing just what her mermaid looked like and making up stories about the sea creature’s adventures.

The good news for Dreyfuss + Blackford is that Shawn’s love of writing extends well beyond tales (or is it tails?) of the ocean. As the Marketing Manager for the firm, Shawn weaves design stories together so clients can easily connect with their buildings and interiors. Her role is so much more than just pumping out RFPs/RFQs! Shawn loves discovering the right words to help solve problems, make a difference and deliver results.

“What do I see out my office window? The apartment building across the street, complete with a kitty condo cat tower. I catch myself trying to see the cats in action. The grey and white one frequently moves from perch to perch and sometimes even presses his body right up against the window itself. He seems to enjoy watching the cars drive by and it makes my heart happy when I catch a glimpse. As they say, inspiration can come from anywhere!”

Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications
California State University, Sacramento