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  • A legacy of quality projects… and quality people.

    At Dreyfuss + Blackford, our collaborative design approach harnesses the talent of the team at large. Our knowledgeable and energetic team members are encouraged to share ideas and get involved. Since we are a non-hierarchical, “flat” organization, decisions don’t come from the top of the mountain; they grow up from the ground. What does that mean to clients? It means the best and brightest design talent lend their expertise to your project. And team members? You have the chance to work on a host of diverse projects and collectively share in project success. No silos here.

  • Then. Now. In the future.

    Always forward thinking, we have become even more so in the past few years, embracing technology and harnessing the energy and creativity of budding talent. We are hungry for innovation. We are expanding our reach. We are reinvigorated. We are Dreyfuss + Blackford…come find your place.

  • Part of our community.

    At Dreyfuss + Blackford, we work hand-in-hand with our clients to design lasting projects that positively impact people…ballerinas, patients, judges, gas line technicians…you. We make our communities better by working collaboratively to build sustainable, vibrant, long-lasting projects.

  • We’re in this together.

    Our design approach is rooted in a highly transparent and collaborative process. Clients and stakeholders are invited to the design table from the outset. We extend this strategic participation to the extended subconsultant and building team as well, creating a fully integrated project delivery system.

Character Building

Established in 1950, Dreyfuss + Blackford is one of the most respected Architectural, Interior Design and Planning firms in Northern California. Our unwavering commitment to design excellence is reflected in our work. We’ve received more than 100 regional and national awards for design, efficiency, economy, site sensitivity and community compatibility. Those accolades attest to the success of our efforts to meet and exceed our clients’ project goals. And at the end of the day, that’s what’s most important.

Our outstanding reputation for great client partnerships is based on integrity, trust and innovative ideas. We work collaboratively to achieve our client’s vision. As a result, they return to us again and again for innovative, thorough and cost-effective services. After 65 years, we remain a trusted design partner.