D+B 2023 Promotions

Shawn Barba

October 25, 2023

We are thrilled to announce the latest promotions at D+B! These well-deserved advancements represent a celebration and recognition of leadership, expertise, and dedication – qualities each one of these team members exhibit every day at Dreyfuss + Blackford. Join us as we introduce and honor the individuals who have demonstrated exceptional character and direction and who have now taken on elevated roles at the firm. Congratulations to all on their significant milestone! 


Marie Chiu, AIA, LEED AP ID+C has been promoted to Associate. As a senior project architect and project manager, Marie is an exemplary member of D+B in many ways. She is a consummate architect – taking on any and all challenges – and through her thoughtful collaboration, coordination, and deep technical skills, she creates well-reasoned and sound solutions. Marie consistently embodies the highest level of work ethic and responsibility – which she holds on behalf of all her project teams and our clients as well.  She is an exceptional mentor and teacher and her comprehensive approach to problem-solving, her great communication, and most of all, her integrity is unparalleled. Marie is a strong addition to our firm’s associate group.  


Noah Kelly, RA has been promoted to Associate. Noah has been an integral team member on many substantial projects at the firm and well as a key driver for D+B’s design inclusion and innovation initiatives. His willingness to engage in business development as well as his commitment to strategic project pursuits are reflected in his daily approach to his work, his passion for knowledge, as well as in his collaborative manner. Noah understands the value of partnership between our design team and clients and has been instrumental in implementing these ideals. This kind of engagement brings about trust in our industry partners and our clients and helps our teammates know they are essential to the development of a project. Now as an Associate, we look forward to Noah’s continued growth and success with D+B. 


Sugra Panvelwala, AIA, LEED GA has been promoted to Associate. Sugra’s natural curiosity and genuine desire to learn has helped catapult her professional growth immensely this past year as she earned her architectural license. Her reliability, attention to detail, and her readiness to jump in and take on any task needed on a project has shown her to be a trustworthy and dedicated member of the firm. Sugra consistently demonstrates strong communication and leadership skills – as she routinely leads client meetings seamlessly and executes her work through each phase of the project with precision and timeliness.  These qualities make her one of the firm’s young emerging leaders and an important member of the Associate group.  


Jennifer Reid, CID, Associate AIA has been promoted to Associate. As the Interior Design Director at D+B, Jennifer leads our interiors team and has helped shape the aesthetic and functional aspects of the firm’s interior spaces ensuring they align with our client’s vision, industry standards, and firm objectives. In her 20-year tenure at D+B, Jennifer has routinely demonstrated exceptional creativity and diligent attention to detail in all her work. She has also exemplified strong leadership skills including in her project management approach, project documentation and quality control, and her keen presentation skills. She is a Certified Interior Designer and is currently working on getting her architectural license as well – bringing a unique balance to our firm that will inherently add great value to the Associate group.  


Tony Amato, AIA, LEED AP has been promoted to Senior Associate. As a skilled and detail-oriented architect and project manager, Tony brings 15 years of experience leading projects ranging in both scale and complexity. He brings a deep enthusiasm for integrated design to all his projects, encouraging and fostering collaboration with every team member. Tony also has a deep passion for sustainability and environmental design and is currently leading the firm’s sustainability efforts. Through his advocacy, Tony has helped increase awareness of the challenges ahead and has led D+B to implement new tools that strengthen our ability to address and respond to some of the most pressing issues affecting our projects, clients, and communities. As a Senior Associate, Tony will continue to make great strides at D+B as a key member of leadership.  


Andrea Beard has been promoted to Senior Associate. As the Business Development Director at D+B, Andrea has successfully brought her expertise and vision to the leadership team – helping shape the future of the firm by thoughtfully navigating the changing landscape of the industry and identifying viable opportunities for conversion. Her deep understanding of both architecture and construction as well as her innovative approach to client relationships and strategic planning has played a pivotal role in our firm’s growth and success over the past year.  Andrea has an innate ability to create a lasting impression on our trusted partners and valued clients – consistently and effectively conveying the firm’s unique differentiators and design quality. These abilities have led to some significant partnerships and long-standing relationships – all of which will continue to foster as she steps into her new role as a Senior Associate.  


Jennifer Krauter AIA, LEED AP has been promoted to Senior Associate. Jennifer’s extensive experience in the delivery of projects and entitlements, combined with her innate ability to build trust and relationships is why she is a favorite among many of our staff, clients, and partners. In addition to her effective connections to project partners, Jennifer holds a deeply held belief in mentorship and trust to guide and support our developing staff.  Her peaceful and equitable nature, combined with her approachable manner, supports our efforts to build strong project teams within our firm, adding immeasurably to our culture. As a Senior Associate, we recognize Jennifer’s significant contributions and welcome her as a member of the firm’s leadership team. 


Ginger Thompson, AIA, LEED AP BD+C, DBIA has been promoted to Senior Associate. Ginger’s adherence to continuously advancing her education has been unmatched and inspiring – she is the first person at D+B to be DBIA certified! Her passion for learning and sharing practice knowledge is reflected in her dedication to the mentorship of young emerging professionals in the architectural industry as well as internally throughout the firm. Her commitment to inclusivity and belonging is reflected in her approach to team collaboration and relationship building. As a Senior Associate Ginger joins our leadership team and will undoubtedly continue to help align the firm with our core values and vision as we pursue new opportunities. 

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