Brian Lefholz

Brian Lefholz

Associate AIA
Associate / Project Designer

Brian started designing while in “time out”, drawing on his parents living room walls. Apparently, he was in time out a lot  so he had ample time to hone his skills. In grade school, Brian got detention for drawing; in college, he got high marks. So what would he do next? Draw some more, of course. Brian has parlayed this passion into a career of telling stories with lines on paper that give his ideas and concepts a tangible built form. He has a wide range of skillsets that allow him to play multiple roles on projects like Mohr Hall at Sacramento City College and the PG&E Gas Operations Technical Training Center, among others.

Brian’s creativity is fueled by his belief there is a severe shortage of good design in this world. He’d like to change that.

“I enjoy places with a story and a sense of history. I am driven to continue designing in pursuit of opportunities to sculpt meaningful stories of future places not yet realized.”

Bachelor of Architecture
Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas

Associate Member, American Institute of Architects Central Valley Chapter