David DeRemigis

David DeRemigis

Design Technology Manager

One of David’s earliest memories from his childhood was him sitting at the kitchen table drawing a picture of a street, winding up a hill, upon which sat a house. When his parents asked him about the drawing, David quickly responded something along the lines of “practicing to be an architect!” Crayons and colored pencils eventually gave way to computers as he grew older, however David still found himself spending a ton of time designing houses and buildings in early CAD freeware and video games. Aside from a few teen years “knowing” he was going to make it as a professional baseball player or golfer, David instinctively knew that his career would be rooted in architecture and design.

Now as the Design Technology Manager at D+B, David supports the staff in their design efforts with Revit and other design/documentation software and systems. “I hope my experience as a user in various roles (Designer/Project Manager/Consultant) will allow me to enhance the processes already in-place and help the team leverage technology to perpetuate good design. I would like for everyone to be able to utilize the capabilities of their computers and programs to work smarter not harder”.

Bachelor of Architecture
University of Miami

Member, USGBC

Member, Crocker Art Museum