Gary Lewis

Gary Lewis

Project Architect

Architecture is more than just something pretty to look at. At least that’s Gary’s take. He knows it affects the way people perceive and live in the world and he loves helping to redefine our experiences, creating environments where people can thrive.

Speaking of, his current D+B projects include the DMV Building West Infrastructure Study which focuses on a workplace environment where employees flourish. The Sacramento State Parking Structure V project may be about parking, but it’s also about people. How they move about the space; what their experience is. And let us not forget the trees. With an underlying “tree” theme for the structure, this project mirrors Gary’s day-to-day as he enjoys the tree canopy view from the office window. Ahhh, when life imitates art…and architecture. Gotta love it.

“What fuels my creativity? I get excited about setting preconceived ideas aside and exploring what something could be. Having the potential to redefine and create a new model of housing, offices, etc., can break the cycle!”

Bachelor of Architecture
NewSchool of Architecture + Design
San Diego, California

 Master of Architecture II
Cornell University
Ithaca, New York