Greg Schulmeister

Greg Schulmeister

Project Manager

Helping people get what they want is what drives Greg. He loves bringing clients and users together to explore their commonality and arrive at solutions to meet everyone’s needs. There’s nothing like “making it work” and when it does, Greg is in his happy place…a place he resides often thanks to his careful, thorough and successful project management approach. Greg’s projects include the CalPERS Lincoln Plaza Headquarters, Madera County Government Center and work for the Los Rios Community College District.

Another “happy place” for Greg is Cameroon. As a member of the Peace Corps, he spent time there and has fond memories. It was the beginning of his architectural career…although he didn’t know it at the time. Greg was assigned to help the community construct ponds for raising fish. The joy of working with farmers to feed a village cemented Greg’s love for designing projects that matter.

“I recharge by traveling to new places. Exploring new cultures and seeing the different ways people live is enlightening. It grounds me.”

Bachelor of Science
Molecular Biology/Management

Claremont McKenna College