Jennifer Krauter

Jennifer Krauter

Project Manager

At just four years old, it was Jennifer’s mom who first discovered her daughter’s fascination with building. She would watch Jennifer excitedly haul blankets and books out from her bedroom and into their dining room in order to create her desired play structure. Using their oval dining table that had a center pedestal as her structure, Jennifer would hang blankets all around the perimeter, securing them with books and would instantly create a “four room” playhouse! From this experience, Legos were her next big push towards a career in architecture.

“Legos came to our house when I was three years old and I loved them. I built nothing but houses. I couldn’t articulate it as a child, but I can now state the size of a typical Lego brick, in comparison to the doors and windows, was badly out of scale in the 1970’s Legos sets.”

Jennifer’s creativity is often fueled by her travels. She loves taking photographs of the random items she comes across while travelling. The item’s small details are what usually inspire her. Whether it be a railing, a cornice, or even a window box, Jennifer never underestimates that one of these objects may spark her next design concept. She also has a major affinity for old, funky neon signs. If she really needs some design inspiration, Jennifer simply starts scrolling through the photos on her phone and lets the ideas manifest from there.

Bachelor of Science in Design
University of California, Davis

Registered Architect, State of California

USGBC LEED Accredited Professional

Member, Sacramento County Design Review Advisory Committee