Kris Warmdahl

Kris Warmdahl

Associate / Senior Project Manager

Kris is deeply committed to this principle: Good projects begin with good planning. She loves solving the puzzle, getting required project components to fit in their “best case scenario” location. When the layout coalesces…it’s magic! Kris is currently involved in several planning projects, including the County of San Mateo Corporation Yard Master Plan. She has also worked on multiple projects for the UC Davis Health System, including one of her favorites, the Radiation Oncology Ambient Experience CT Suite.

Kris always knew she wanted to be an architect, not common for a little girl in the early 60s. So, she got started! In fourth grade, her guinea pig needed a more comfortable, easy to clean home. So what did she do? She designed a split level with a removable tray. Although her dad’s construction skills left a lot to be desired, what a great day – the beginning of Kris’ career. She is grateful her parents supported her calling by buying reams of graph paper to draw imaginary projects and floor plans ‘to scale’.

“I’m a big time basset person so I support Golden Gate Basset Hound Rescue. Most dog rescues are run on a shoestring by people with big hearts. They often tap their own wallets to keep the organization afloat, so I help out as much as I can.”

Bachelor of Science, Environmental Design
University of California, Davis

Registered Architect, California

USGBC LEED Accredited Professional

Member, American Institute of Architects Central Valley Chapter