Kristina Jardis

Kristina Jardis

Project Manager

Kristina’s brother was always building forts and tree houses in the woods behind their house in rural upstate New York. As a younger sister, it was her job to antagonize him as much as possible. Kristina figured his spaces were her spaces, too. This discovery of someone else’s space and just why it was set up that way is what drove her to architecture.

That “why” still fascinates Kristina. Why does this space work for the user? Why would someone like this much light? Why does this door work over here and opposed to over there? In fact, these queries are one of the favorite parts of Kristina’s job; meeting the client and uncovering design issues that need to be solved, all the while creating a dynamic that enhances the design process.

“My first job? Working at a local Italian restaurant from high school through college. It was there I learned hard work pays. I also discovered my love of cooking and food, especially cannoli. Yum!”

Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies
Norwich University, Northfield, Vermont

Master of Architecture
Norwich University, Northfield, Vermont

Member, American Institute of Architects Central Valley Chapter

Registered Architect, California

Registered Architect, New York

NCARB Certified