Pablo Zavala

Pablo Zavala

Project Designer

A sense of curiosity, poetry and discovery were the muses of Pablo’s journey in life as a creative. Pablo stumbled upon design by accident; it was non-consequential and random, with no intention other than to simply seduce his imagination and curiosity. It all started one day inside a library, a magical unbound place of worlds beyond his own ingenuity. This charmed discovery was a transcendental book that radically altered his life forever. The book was none other than the work of the great master Louis Khan called “Between Silence and Light”.

The book changed Pablo’s perception of what design can be: “Louis Khan, a man who can speak and share design by the mystery of poetry- poetry where architectural elements can become animated with a voice and a will to be something. From that day on, I felt different, life was different.”

Naturally, curious, playful, and inquisitive are three words that best describe Pablo. These character traits also explain his fascination and interest about extraterrestrial life on other planets- an idea Pablo would love to learn more about.

Master of Architecture 2005
Catholic University of America

Bachelor of Architecture 2001
California Polytechnic San Luis Obispo

Associate of Architecture 1995
Rio Hondo Community College