Ricardo Zamora

Ricardo Zamora

Project Designer

As an amateur skateboarder, Ricardo always had an affinity for architecture and an appreciation for the building materials of the buildings he skated on. So when his endeavors to become a professional skateboarder fell through due to a torn ACL he decided to pursue architecture instead. Now as a practicing designer, Ricardo is currently working on his NCARB hours in order to take the architectural exams in the near future. He has a passion for sustainable design and would like to learn more about computer software including Python and Maya.

Ricardo’s creativity is driven from his artistic friends and the art community; as seeing other people’s innovations in various mediums is inspiring.

“I grew up around the art community and have been apart of it since I can remember.  Seeing my friends doing what they do in the community and what they create fuels my creativity”.

Bachelor of Arts in Architecture Community & Design
University of San Francisco

Master of Architecture
Academy of Arts University