Shawn Barba

Shawn Barba

Marketing Manager

Shawn’s love of storytelling began when she was just a little girl. Her father would read aloud to her and her three sisters every evening. She remembers sitting on her knees intently listening to her Dad’s expressive narration to the classic stories of “The Little Princess”, “Secret Garden”, and “The Hobbit”.  It was then she came to understand how one’s voice can help a writer connect to the reader. From this Shawn’s passion for sharing stories quickly grew and her method of play followed suit.

Fortunately for Dreyfuss + Blackford, Shawn’s enthusiasm of storytelling extends well beyond reading bedtime stories to her son at night. As the Marketing Manager for the firm, Shawn uses her ability to craft descriptive stories in order to develop a deeper connection with clients and their projects. Her favorite part of her job is the idea that whether its through the production of a proposal, press package, or a social media post storytelling is a fundamental human experience that unites and drives stronger communication.

“Three things I can’t get enough of? I have way more than three things, but I can’t get enough of Bravo television, tacos, and more than anything spending time with my son, Everett. Being a mom tops everything in all actuality, but I have to admit that fashion, music, and a good class of wine come in a close second.”

Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications
California State University, Sacramento

Member, SMPS Sacramento