Shawn Barba

Shawn Barba

Marketing Manager

Shawn’s love of storytelling began when she was just a little girl. Her father would read stories to her and her three sisters every evening before bed. She remembers listening intently to her Dad’s expressive narration to the classics like “The Little Princess”, “Secret Garden”, and “The Hobbit”.  From this experience, her passion for writing and sharing stories quickly grew and her love for journalism blossomed. Shawn participated in her high school newspaper and was even the Editor in Chief at one point. Naturally journalism seemed to be the obvious choice for her major in college, however, she soon realized that profession was a little too cut-throat and competitive and instead a degree in marketing and communications seemed to be a much better fit. Eventually, she found a career in the A/E industry as a marketing professional and has since been working to connect and collaborate with clients, consultants, and in-house teams to ensure their marketing objectives are met.

As the Marketing Manager for Dreyfuss + Blackford, Shawn still gets to tell stories on a daily basis. She uses her storytelling ability to craft engaging and effective content in order to develop deeper connections with clients and their projects. Whether its through the production of a proposal, press package, or a social media post, Shawn strives to deliver a strong message to every client that ultimately says “We understand your issue and this is how we can help to solve it in this unique and innovative way”.

When she isn’t generating leads or producing the next major proposal, Shawn is living her best mom life and spending time with her son, Everett. She also loves to travel with her her husband, Andrew and work on projects around their house.

What’s one thing people don’t know about me? I am a full fledged Simpson’s fanatic. I can win a Simpson’s trivia challenge anytime, anywhere. Hands down I will triumph!” 

Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications (Mass Media)
California State University, Sacramento

Member, SMPS Sacramento