Tuireann O’Neill

Tuireann O’Neill

Project Designer

Tuireann’s affinity with creating things began at an early age when his dad helped him design and build a gaming website. After a whopping total of ten page views later (mostly from himself) he was convinced design was his calling, and technology would be the delivery method. Architecture presented a perfect medium to pursue both of his passions; with design and technology constantly challenging each other and Tuireann, for that matter, to be better.

The favorite part of Tuireann’s job is seeing a design he has been drawing out (and redrawing) for months, start to take form on-site. He says to have something you have experienced in relative isolation suddenly be impacting the environment of others is a cathartic experience. Tuireann’s current work includes developing office BIM standards, leveraging data/model analytics and integrating computational design technologies for the firm.

“What would I like to learn more about? Having recently swapped the tropical island of Ireland for rainy, grey California, I am excited to learn of all the interesting and strange idiosyncrasies of American life and culture. Like why is everyone so happy all the time? What a strange and magical place”.

Bachelor of Science in Architectural Technology
Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland