“SHIFT” Wows Visitors at Wide Open Walls Mural Festival in Sacramento

September 5, 2017


Centerpiece installation fills inside of warehouse gallery show and “Wall Ball” donor party.

(SACRAMENTO, CA) – “SHIFT”, a 6,400-square-foot pavilion designed by architect Jason A. Silva, AIA, design principal at Dreyfuss + Blackford Architecture (D+B) and artist Ginger S. Thompson, project designer at D+B, was the centerpiece for the Wide Open Walls mural festival August 10-20, 2017. This was the fifteenth collaboration between Silva and Thompson for a Sacramento art program celebrating the city’s range of artistic endeavors.

Made up of over 1,000 individually folded sections of corrugated paper board, planks are stacked and angled to make narrow entry tunnels expanding into a large interior gathering space before opening into courtyard. Internally lit throughout, it provides an exploratory experience, guiding visitors through. In addition, further connecting this piece to the mural festival, a spray paint and marker mural was created by Thompson, divided into slices and distributed onto the ends of the individual planks.

“SHIFT is about veiled transparency: offering small windows but no whole picture, similar to the artist/viewer relationship during the creation of a mural. The space evokes flow through curved corridors and pauses in eddying ponds of space,” said Thompson.

Unveiled at the Wall Ball, the festival’s donor and artist party, SHIFT provided an experiential space for artists and art supporters to connect and convene. “We chose the SHIFT pavilion for the Wall Ball to encourage patrons to experience the space and the murals more interactively,” said David Sobon, founder and producer of Wide Open Walls. The Wall Ball was held inside a warehouse in the Mansion Flats neighborhood on August 19, and the pavilion was open to public through the end of the month.

SHIFT is the duo’s second installation this year, and features work with recycled corrugated material donated from PackageOne of Sacramento. The team’s last installation was entitled “Section” and debuted at ArtStreet from February 3-25, 2017, at the historic Setzer lumber mill in Sacramento.

About the Designers

Both Silva and Thompson work at Dreyfuss + Blackford Architecture and their numerous collaborations have included six pavilions and installations: “BTWN” (2012) and “.WAV” (2013) at Launch Festivals; “VOX” (2014) and “PiXL” (2015) at TBD Festivals; and “Section” (2017) at ArtStreet in Sacramento.

Images of past pavilions and installations: http://bit.ly/2eNxiAN

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