Mission Critical

Confidential Client, Integrated Operations Center

The new Integrated Operations Center (IOC) is a state-of-the-art, secure, resilient and modern facility designed to withstand anticipated seismic and other natural disaster events; as well as house new operating processes that recognize the importance of distribution system operations, cybersecurity and transmission system operations.

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California ISO Headquarters & Operations Center

This was a visionary project for the non-profit ISO, which manages the electrical grid for the entire state of California. The over-arching goal in the new facility was to create a secure, innovative and energy efficient headquarters complex. A further design goal was to enhance the work environment so that California ISO becomes the “employer of choice” for engineering and technical staff in the region.

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Contra Costa County, Emergency Operations Center

Dreyfuss + Blackford has a specialty practice for Emergency Operations Centers (EOC) and our newest project of this type is for the County of Contra Costa. The County’s new EOC replaces an existing outdated facility. This new essential service facility houses the office of the County Sheriff and Command Staff. A state-of-the-art Emergency Situation Room […]

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Turlock Irrigation District Operations Complex

Turlock Irrigation District (TID) is responsible for the management, maintenance, and reliability of a complex electrical and irrigation water distribution network that includes reservoirs, canals, power plants, and transmission lines. For over 40 years, this network has been monitored and operated from a control center located at the District’s corporation yard near downtown Turlock. Two […]

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State of California, Office of Emergency Services

The Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES) houses the State’s control center for strategic response to all state-wide disasters and emergencies. It is a state-of-the-art, essential-service facility capable of 24/7 uninterrupted operation. It supports all state, regional and local emergency rescue, homeland security and relief agencies. Extensive communications, computer, emergency power and security systems were carefully integrated […]

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San Joaquin County Agricultural Center & Office of Emergency Services

San Joaquin County, in the heart of California’s Central Valley, has a rich agricultural heritage. This project provides a consolidated center for a range of agricultural services to the farming community. Office are provided for the County Agriculture Commissioner and the U.C Cooperative Extension, as well as the County’s Office of Emergency Services. A large […]

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