AC Transit D3 Richmond Reactivation

B4030 AC Transit D3 Richmond Reactivation, 2014


AC Transit


Richmond, California




65,000 Square Feet


$10.8 Million

AC Transit is the public bus transportation authority for western Alameda and Contra Costa Counties. We performed a multi-disciplinary conditions assessment of their existing District 3 (D3) Richmond facility which was then used to establish the scope of work and budget necessary to repair and reactivate the facility.

D3 was constructed in the late 1980’s, operated continuously for 20 years and deactivated in 2011. Closed due to reduced bus usage during the “Great Recession,” economic improvements in the San Francisco Bay Area caused a rebound in ridership just few years later. Reactivation of the facility alleviates the strain on other AC Transit facilities and achieves their goal of increased efficiency and improved rider experience.

Our work included overseeing system replacements of: lube and fare collection, wastewater and stormwater treatment, back-up electrical generator, roof-top parking deck waterproofing, HVAC, and fire alarm and security; ADA upgrades; renovation and reroofing of the Fuel & Service island; remodeling of dispatch office and transaction area; elevator repairs and modernization; and structural and general building and site repairs.

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