Ancil Hoffman Park


Sacramento County






396 Acres

In 1963 we created the master plan for the Ancil Hoffman Park for the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors. The park forms a part of the American River Parkway which is a continuing series of parks connecting 23 miles on the American River. Ancil Hoffman Park was carved from a large ranch covering a considerably greater area. The park is part of the flood plain of the American River. Hundreds of acres of the ranch were dedicated to farming in the park’s previous life. Most important in our master plan was to preserve the area’s unspoiled native vegetation for nature trails, nature studies and picnics. The planning team carefully considered all the reclamation opportunities available for this flat treeless area. The ultimate solution was the tuck the golf course into the fallow fields abutting the bluff. Knowledgeable of the river’s approximate elevation at the maximum channel capacity, the clubhouse, nature center and other buildings were safely sited on the higher, agricultural grounds. This ecological scheme not only preserved all river areas and nature areas, but also protected the developed site from the periodic flooding of the American River.

Osmund & Stately Landscape Architects assisted us in the development of the Ancil Hoffman Park.



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