Blue Diamond Growers Interior Office Renovations

B6009 Blue Diamond Growers, Office Building Renovations, 2016


Blue Diamond Growers


Sacramento, California




26,600 Square Feet

Blue Diamond Growers (BDG) is the largest almond cooperative, producing over 80 percent of the world’s almond supply. The company has been headquartered in Sacramento since 1910. Construction has finished in three historic buildings on the downtown campus, in effort to provide for staff and changes in working environments. Several amenities are being incorporated into the design to accommodate rapidly changing technology and the need for more versatile spaces. The new renovations also provide improvements to life safety and seismic resistance in each of the buildings.

Diamond ‘G’ Coffee Building
Two-story brick, Diamond ‘G’ Coffee, is an existing 5,700 SF building on the BDG campus that used to be a coffee roasting plant, and tannery. The design for this quaint little building is clean and simple, as not to detract from the beautiful brick walls and exposed beams inside, with design elements paying homage to almond orchards in the Spring. The renovations will meet the diverse needs of the Campus Operations Department.

Main Office Building
In this iconic Art Deco-style, 26,600 SF building, we completely reworked the first and second floor plans and room layouts, created much more open office space with adjacent break out/touchdown rooms and created larger conference rooms, with fewer private offices to make space for their new staff in several different departments. Parts of this building had recently been updated with new finishes and glazing systems at the conference and meeting rooms. The finishes selected and applied during the last renovation provided our inspiration for executive-style spaces. Additionally, we added a new café/breakroom and multiple coffee bars and lounge spaces throughout. New finishes include paint, carpet, LVT (luxury vinyl tile), casework, quartz counters, and restroom finishes. Custom art for privacy glass, and other collaborative spaces was also included.

Blue Diamond Building
At the front entrance to the BDG Headquarters is the historic 11,000 SF brick Blue Diamond Building. It is the largest office building on campus and currently houses the Nut & Gift Shop and several administrative offices where the Information Technology department is making the first floor of this building their new home. The new look for the space is open and bright, with bold colors, and an overall modern, tech design aesthetic. New spaces were created to accommodate the different ways in which people work include hoteling stations, lounges and an open office environment.

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