State of California, Capitol Building Infrastructure Study

A5789 CA State Capitol Infrastructure Study & Renovation, 2006-2009


State of California


Sacramento, California





The State Capitol houses the seat of government for California – the ninth largest economy in the world – in a building that has enormous symbolic and historic importance. By 2006, major advancements in security, telecommunications, and energy efficiency made it all too clear that comprehensive renovation of the Capitol building was critically needed.

We first conducted a detailed survey of the facility. Every room, system, surface and device was inventoried and critically evaluated. Issues of communications, security, energy, historic character, accessibility and wayfinding were all carefully considered. There is no reasonable alternative location to serve as a temporary Capitol, so a phased renovation under continuous occupancy was laid out in detail. A matrix hierarchy of multiple, interconnected projects was established in the final report.

Key bid packages have been released over the ensuing years, as time and budget allows. When complete, the renovated capitol building will be in top form, an energy and resource efficient statehouse. It is fitting that California – the birthplace of the Information Age – upgrade its Capitol building to excel in the 21st century.

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