State of California, Multi-Garage Infrastructure Study

B4009, DGS State Garage Infrastructure Studies, 2014


State of California


Various Cities, California




91,000-234,000 Square Feet (per garage)



This comprehensive study assessed the condition of eight State-owned parking structures. In each parking structure, twenty-two different building systems and components were assessed, ranging from water intrusion to revenue analysis. Dreyfuss + Blackford managed nine consulting firms, and coordinated and produced the report for DGS, in addition to performing ten of the twenty-two evaluations required for each parking structure.

The age, type and characteristics of each structure assessed varied greatly. The structures ranged from basement parking levels integrated into urban high-rise buildings, to a freestanding two-story garage in a semi-rural community. The parking garages were located in Southern California, Bay Area, and Sacramento, and ranged in age from 16 to 57 years.

Dreyfuss + Blackford structured the report’s materials for ease of use and implementation by DGS. Thirteen hundred recommended repairs were analyzed and prioritized with respect to each repair’s level of urgency, as well as occupant safety concerns. These categories were noted as either: Immediate Life-Safety issue, Life-Safety Risk, and Modernization Upgrade/Maintenance Items. Construction costs were applied separately to these three classifications for each parking structure, thus allowing DGS to seek funding for the most immediate repairs for the garages individually, by region, or in total.

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