City of San Mateo, Corporation Yard Relocation Study

B3003 San Mateo Corporation Yard, 2013


City of San Mateo


San Mateo, California




50,000 Square Feet


$30 Million

San Mateo, a fully built-out city on the San Francisco peninsula, has a space problem. The land under their existing five acre corporation yard has become so valuable for transit-oriented development re-use that the City has decided to move the corporation yard to another location.

We were retained to develop a master plan for a new yard on vacant land next to their Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP). The bayside location triggers operational as well as environmental concerns. We worked with City staff to develop a building program that will meet their needs in an environmentally responsible solution.

Collocation with the WWTP will create operational efficiencies and allow for better space utilization. Restoring bay wetlands, careful management of stormwater, energy, vehicle trips and the like will contribute to making this one of the most functional and efficient facilities in Northern California. The project is targeted for a LEED Platinum rating.

Features will include Public Works, Parks & Recreation, Facilities, Waste Water Treatment, and Support Spaces.

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