County of Santa Clara Animal Services Center

County of Santa Clara
San Martin, California
Spring 2021

The County of Santa Clara Animal Care and Control Department needed to replace their makeshift former residence of several additions and portables, into an adequate home for the area’s needy animals.

Dreyfuss + Blackford Architecture — working with animal care designer, The Bacon Group — created the County’s new Animal Services Center campus with state-of-the-art animal care functions in a park-like setting, providing innovative and sustainable building systems and amenities in the 24/7 facility. The new Animal Services Center has capacity for 54 dogs and 90 cats, with spaces for other types of animals including rabbits, horses, and goats. To house and showcase larger animals, a barn is sited along the main building frontage, increasing visibility. Taking a distinct departure from traditional shelter design, dog kennels are organized around an outdoor landscaped courtyard named “The Park”. Together with surrounding “Get Acquainted” pods, the experience offers a bright and open area to meet and greet potential pets in a natural park-like environment.

In addition to animal adoption, a primary objective of the Animal Services Center is to educate the public about the benefits of spaying and neutering. The County is taking a proactive approach to overpopulation by educating the public on reducing the number of animals ending up at the Animal Services Center through the use of the public surgery suite, located inside the facility’s clinic.

Another key solution the Animal Services Center provides is its large Educational Meeting facility. Not only will animal-specific community events be held there, but other County agencies will also be able to utilize the assembly space for conferences and gatherings up to 150 occupants—a resource they previously lacked.

County of Santa Clara Animal Services Center is targeting a LEED Silver certification.