Sacramento State Academic Information Resource Center


California State University, Sacramento


Sacramento, California




100,000 sq ft


$18.4 Million



Informal “ribbon lounges” are provided along the perimeter of each floor, offering students comfortable, daylit places for studying outside the classroom, with full Wi-Fi internet accessibility. The lounges have proven very popular with students and are used extensively.

The Academic Information Resource Center (AIRC) at Sacramento State is a state-of-the-art flexible office and academic building integrated with a computer facility that provides both the faculty and student body with upgraded systems and access to all campus telecommunications.

The building provides studio classrooms, open study rooms, and administrative offices; offers go-to laboratories with full computer resources for student and faculty needs – study, testing, grades, online research, and presentations; and houses all campus servers, networks and hubs for every facet of communications, as well as the technical staff that maintains these systems.

The design and detailing of this structure reflects its high-tech function while providing pleasant and efficient spaces for all technical needs. AIRC is truly the heart and hub of the University campus.

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