Designa Group Research + Development Office Building


Designa Group, Inc.


Foshan, Guangdong Province, People’s Republic of China




56,000 Square Feet

Designa Group is a manufacturing company that includes office furnishings and accessories, robotics, and hydrogen batteries. They are developing a new replacement factory, dormitory and R&D office building on a 16.5 acre site in Foshan, China. Designa desired to create a workplace more aligned with western practices of open officing and generational change, and approached us because of our reputation and experience with the development of workplace solutions.

In creating a great new home for Designa’s R&D staff, and providing a destination showroom for existing and potential clients, our solution utilizes an open office plan with connected amenities allowing for a transition to a more mobile office. Biophilia was also incorporated to connect staff back to nature and create a more relaxed atmosphere.

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