Miami Pier-Museum Competition


Arquitectum Urban 2009


Miami, Florida


2009 (Competition)

This project is to be located at the end of Fifth Avenue leading to South Beach in the Miami Beach Area of Florida. It will be a Pier-Museum commemorating the various immigrants (and particularly Cuban immigrants) who arrived on the Miami shores in search of a better future. It is to house various personal effects from people arriving between 1950 and 1980 for future generations of visitors to see.

Seeking a better life, the journey to Miami for many immigrants is defined by strong feelings of excitement, tempered with anxiety and fear. Identities are lost somewhere between their origin and the new home. In a proverbial state of limbo, the first generation experiences longing for the cultural home, while enduring difficulty integrating into the new environment.

The Miami Pier-Museum acknowledges this plight, taking the individual through a journey defined by four separate events: the decent, the climb, longing for home, and the point of no return.

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