12th & O Street Office Building Competition


State of California


Sacramento, California


2018 (Competition)


340,000 Square Feet


$220 Million

One of three finalists in this State-led competition, the goal was to provide the State of California with a high performance building that is a model for the Workplace of the Future, to attract and retain a talented governmental workforce. Designed as a very low energy use building, the 11-story O Street office building has an energy budget that is a fraction of conventional office space.

Our Design/Build team, which included HOK and Hensel Phelps, achieved these goals through innovative design solutions such as an energy efficient building skin allowing for high levels of daylighting, yet no direct sun on the exterior glazing. High-performance mechanical and electrical systems played a large role in meeting the State’s aggressive energy efficiency goals. Additionally, an innovative split-core concept allowed for an open plan with plenty of naturally-lit, heads-down spaces and several clustered collaboration spaces and common great rooms at every other floor. This provided magnificent views of the State Capital, and a highly-transparent, open stair in the center.

Ground floor retail opens onto O Street, with operable glass walls, allowing for a welcoming inside/outside experience at the street level. A large assembly space on the ground floor also provides an opportunity to engage in a very flexible space equipped with state-of-the-art AV technology. Our team also designed building amenities on the roof to include a fitness center, meeting rooms and unparalleled views of Sacramento available only from the top of this new high-rise. All of this created very healthy and flexible space for approximately 1,200 staff.

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