PG&E Gas Safety Academy

Pacific Gas & Electric Company
Winters, California

The Gas Safety Academy campus is a center of excellence for PG&E. It incorporates industry best practices and technology-led instruction, elevating the standards of gas pipeline safety to the highest levels in the United States. Dreyfuss + Blackford Architecture completed the programming, master planning, and design of the entire campus, located on a 40-acre site in Winters, California.

The campus consists of several indoor and outdoor learning areas. The main Learning Center houses 10 training classrooms and three lab classrooms, an open dining area with locally catered food service, open office, and lobby with a display of a damaged natural gas pipe. Adjacent to the Learning Center is the Transmission & Distribution building with two classrooms and three labs specific to plastic fusion pipe fitting, utility workers, and industrial safety training at heights. An outdoor Utility Village includes model residences in a neighborhood configuration to simulate real in-field situations. Completing the campus is a Weld Lab facility that teaches best techniques in pipe welding. The building includes a large lab space housing 16 student weld booths and six stations for recertification of journeyman in-field welders.

The Gas Safety Academy is designed to achieve a LEED certification of Silver.