River Lookout Towers


The Future Sacramento


Sacramento, California


2010 (Conceptual)


$1.5 Million

Sacramento is known for trees. While a great benefit for the hot climate and livability, the tree canopy unknowingly affects the future of the urban community. The detail of the tree obscures the forest’s horizon. River Lookout Towers seeks to engage local inhabitants with the natural landscape and increase spatial awareness of the Region. With a goal of multiple tower installations, a strong series of nodes are defined along the path of our most important natural resource landmark, the River. The towers allow public safe access to the changing river environment while protecting the natural habitat. Inside-looking-out, observers can see the broad region and their relationship to the other nodes, while those on the ground can use the lookout towers as landmarks, guiding residents and visitors to Sacramento’s most prominent feature.

The River Lookout Tower concept was proposed by design principal, Jason A. Silva at the 2010 Mayor’s State of Downtown address. It was then featured in Sactown Magazine in the December 2016/January 2017 issue.

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