Sacramento City College Mohr Hall

Los Rios Community College District
Sacramento, California

At Sacramento City College, the new Mohr Hall academic lab building sits prominently at the southern tip of the campus, anchoring the community college at a major intersection across from the 160-acre William Land Park. The design vocabulary embraces the historic institution’s brick, concrete, and terracotta roof tile aesthetic with a clean, modern approach to composition and detailing.

The new building incorporates passive solar features such as deep overhangs and vertical fins to help shield from low sun angles. A series of outdoor gathering spaces and landscape features better connect with the existing circulation of campus. The centrally located building entrance incorporates a feature wall and seating areas. Just outside the geology lab is an outdoor learning space that incorporates a rock garden from the colleges’ vast specimen collection.

Student gathering spaces are located on both floors, designed to allow students to casually interact with each other and faculty. Lab spaces are located on the east side allowing for access to the courtyard and outdoor spaces, including those utilized by allied health students for training.

Sacramento City College is the oldest higher learning institution in the Los Rios Community College District and the Sacramento region. Built in the 1960s, the former Mohr Hall was a single story building on a prominent corner that differed from the rest of the campus architecture and occupied the space of two potential buildings. The new Mohr Hall occupies the western portion of the existing site, leaving space for a future two-story building to the east.