Sacramento International Airport Parking Structure


County of Sacramento


Sacramento, California




5,324 car


$55 million

The garage is connected to the terminal by an enclosed pedestrian bridge on the second level, allowing ticketed passengers to proceed directly from their vehicle to the gate with ease and safety. This feature also allows for better traffic flow past the terminals as it reduces the number of pedestrians crossing the lanes of traffic.

The large floor plates are sliced through with light wells at three locations and fitted with fabric sculptures. In addition to providing natural light, these wells break up the large floor areas into four “districts” for ease of wayfinding.

This large 5,324-car parking structure is located directly west of the Terminal A building at Sacramento International Airport (SMF). It is connected to the terminal by a glass pedestrian bridge at the second level, allowing ticketed passengers to proceed directly from their vehicle to the gate.

Carefully integrated with the overall site to maintain smooth and clear traffic flow through the terminal area, the new structure frames the entry avenue to the terminal and emphasizes the clean, crisp and open architectural style of the airport complex. The six-story structure has been designed with photovoltaic cells incorporated into the southern corners to take advantage of solar warming. Public art installations, including 12 large bird sculptures by Dennis Oppenheim; Sacramento Valley’s patchwork landscape by Seyed Alavi carpeting of the pedestrian bridge floor; and Gregory Kondos’ glass pane sculptures greeting passengers as they enter and exit, compliment the structure and enhance the traveler’s experience.

This is the largest parking structure in the Central Valley and the second largest parking structure in California, surpassed only by Disneyland’s.

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