Sacramento International Airport Original Terminal B Buildings


County of Sacramento


Sacramento, California


1967, 1999

From its earliest inception, Dreyfuss + Blackford Architecture has been the Architect of Record for the Sacramento International Airport (SMF) campus. We developed the original Master Plan in the mid-1960s, designed each of the major buildings and worked on nearly every other improvement on the campus.

With the completion of the 275,000-square-foot Terminal A building in 1998, planning began for updates to the original Terminal B buildings, B1 and B2 (built before Terminal A). Security issues with people and baggage became of paramount concern and were the focus of the renovation plans. In the midst of a long-term master plan to replace B1 and B2, the interim renovation and expansion provided better access, seismic safety and overall security. These buildings  proved exceptionally enduring and flexible for use over the years, in spite of dramatic access, security and passenger flow changes in the airline industry since.

The original Terminal B buildings were demolished in 2012, after the new Central Terminal B was completed in 2011.

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