Sacramento Valley National Cemetery


U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs


Dixon, California




200 Acres+; 40,000 Grave Sites; 13,000 Cremains Sites; 13,000 Columbarium Sites


$25 Million



After years of planning, design and construction, the Sacramento Valley National Cemetery opened this spring – the first new Veteran’s Affairs facility to be built in California in fifty years. The Central Valley location will honorably serve Veterans from throughout the Northern California region, providing a peaceful and honorable final resting place for men and women who have served their country so well.

The design solution was arrived at following much deliberation and collaboration between team members and VA officials. Working with a nationally recognized planning team, we developed an innovative multi-phase master plan for the site, comprising some 200+ acres in rural Solano County. Architectural features include a ceremonial Gateway, Public Information Center, Flag/Assembly area, Memorial Walkway area, Committal Service Shelters, Avenue of Flags, Veterans Memorial and Carillon Tower (future).

A consistent landscaping theme was carried throughout the complex, fully coordinated with buildings and improvements. The design motif is reflective, quiet and somber. the landscape concept embraces the formal and respectful nature of significant national resting places such as Arlington, while acknowledging the landscape, vistas and character of the great Central Valley. Our over-arching goal was to produce a dignified and memorable resting place for those who have served their country, as well as for the families that remember them.

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