State of California, Department of Motor Vehicles Building West Infrastructure Study

B5029, DMV Building West Infrastructure Study, 2015


State of California


Sacramento, California




266,000 Square Feet



Dreyfuss + Blackford studied the existing Building West of the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) office in Sacramento, which was built in 1954. We reviewed the current state of all major systems including structural, architectural, mechanical, plumbing and electrical. We then developed three future scenarios for the client to consider: 1. Remodel the building in its entirety, saving only the structural system and the exterior (upgrading windows); 2. Remodel and expand the building either by adding stories or building a new building over the existing single story parking lot (south end of the parcel); 3. Demolish the existing building and build a large, modern office building over the entire site.

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