State of California, Gregory Bateson Building Renovation Criteria Documents


State of California


Sacramento, California


2019 (Report)


294,000 Square Feet


$131 Million

The Bateson Building, designed by former state architect Sim van der Ryn, is an innovative office building owned by the State of California. The building is an exceptional example of environmentally-oriented civic architecture with features including canvas sunshades, skylights with operable louvers; thermal mass; and an energy control system. The office spaces are designed around a large central atrium which has four large stratification tubes. The building has been deemed eligible for the National Register of Historic Places.

Dreyfuss + Blackford Architecture is developing the criteria documents for a large-scale renovation of the building. These documents define the renovation to make the building last another 50 years. The criteria documents include existing conditions assessment, user space program; development of design criteria for the building’s skin which has significant water intrusion issues; and all new mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and telecommunications systems. All renovation work will be done in compliance with The Secretary of the Interior’s Standard for the Treatment of Historic Properties.

This project marks the first time the State of California is using the Design-Build method to renovate a historic building.



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