Sutter Health, Women & Children’s Center, Chapel & Spiritual Center

B7002 Sutter Health Women & Children's Center, Chapel & Spiritual Center, 2018


Sutter Health


Sacramento, California




1,200 Square Feet



Thirteen years in the making, a much anticipated Chapel & Spiritual Center, has been realized for Sutter Health Women & Children’s Center in Sacramento.

Serving the needs of patients, families, and hospital staff from diverse religious, spiritual, and cultural backgrounds, the Chapel & Spiritual Center offers an environment promoting renewal of the spirit. Envisioned as a place where visitors can find a sense of solace in the midst of crisis and daily stress, this peaceful space provides opportunity for contemplation, reflection, and prayer.

Local Artist Deanna Marsh, designed a kiln-formed glass sculpture for the chapel’s main feature wall. The rich palette of liquid blues, greens, and iridescent silver and gold on the vertical plane symbolize a spiritual interaction with divine light; and on the horizontal plane, one’s relationship to humankind. Inclusive and layered with meaning for those seeking to contemplate its presence, the abstract sculpture does not impose a particular belief system.

The new chapel’s environment is a source of great pride and inspiration for the campus, representing the spiritual dimension of healing and the care provided at Sutter Health.



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