The Shop at VSP Global

Vision Service Plan
Sacramento, California

Vision Service Plan (VSP) moved an innovative think-tank, The Shop, into the former Vogel Chevrolet Showroom in midtown Sacramento. This “Miesian Glass Box” was created in 1959 by Dreyfuss + Blackford and was a startling advance for modernist architecture in Sacramento at that time.

VSP was attracted by the spare simplicity of the space in Midtown – a clean slate for their “Design Thinking” lab. VSP is taking a bold initiative to address changes in the vision care and vision wear market. The Shop will provide a suitable space for exploring innovation and incubating new concepts in a cost-effective testing ground.

Dreyfuss + Blackford design principal Jason A. Silva introduced the VSP innovation leaders to working with corrugated temporary structures. Leveraging the ability to rapidly prototype structures and spaces, we shared our conceptual design process in a related idiom.

We were pleased to re-purpose this mid-century modern building for a cutting-edge new creative use.

In 2015, the project received a Citation Award from the AIA Central Valley.

Photography by Chip Allen.