UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine Linear Accelerator Replacement

B3015 UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, Linear Accelerator Replacement, 2013


University of California, Davis


Davis, California




1,200 Square Feet


$2.7 Million

Our medical work is not strictly limited to human patients. We completed a sophisticated linear accelerator facility at the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine. This new facility provides imaging functions for the clinic, similar to x-rays but far less invasive. Pets with health issues can’t tell their owners what’s wrong with them, but with this new equipment the Vets have powerful tools to make those discoveries and improve medical care decisions.

The phasing, schedule and budget were all equally critical considerations in getting this new equipment up and running smoothly. We worked closely with University Architects & Engineers as well as Veterinary Medicine staff to meet critical deadlines and minimize disruptions in the clinic. The result is a state-of-the-art new analytical tool that has significantly expanded theirservices.

Similar to any teaching facility, the zoning of spaces, and providing enough storage and flex areas, was key to project success.

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