Union Sanitary District Administrative Building & Corporation Yard Expansion


Union Sanitary District


Union City, California




65,500 sq ft


$10.5 million

Dreyfuss + Blackford  developed a stra­tegic plan to relocate administrative and corporation yard functions to a new site adjacent to an existing treatment plant. Community and environmental concerns were addressed early through inter­action with City, County and community groups.

The complex includes a new Admin­istration building with flexible, open offices, Board hearing room and public meet­ing spaces; new shops, ware­house and storage facilities; and complete renovation of existing labor­atory, control room and Emergency Operating Center.

Union Sanitary District maintains all equip­ment, motors, pumps, vehicles and instru­ments on site. The new shops will cover their full range of mainte­nance needs. This facility was planned with flexibility to meet the District’s needs over the next 20 years.

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